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I offer these services

Marketing translation, localisation, transcreation and copywriting

Let me be part of the voice of your company. If you need new copy for your website blog, landing pages, UI or product descriptions, or just a European Spanish translation of promotional material, I'm here to make the most of your campaigns.

Tourism and hospitality localisation, transcreation and copywriting

Tourism is one of my biggest passions. So much so, that I have made it one of my working areas: user reviews, airline websites, booking portals, restaurant menus, search engines UI, travel guides... What do you have for me?

E-commerce and IT translation and localisation

Your go-to translator and localisation specialist for all things SaaS and retail. Product descriptions, reviews, app and website localisation... you got it.

Text proofreading and editing

I proofread your English, Italian and German into Spanish translations, within the above fields, to make sure they're flawless and ready-to-go.

I also edit or MTPE your translated content according to your style and voice tone so it fits its intended readership.

Audio and video transcription

Conversion of video and audio samples from English or Spanish to text.

Imagen que muestra un diccionario abierto por la palabra "traducción" en inglés.
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