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Espacio de trabajo con un libro abierto y una planta de fondo.

This is me

A wee introduction to the translator and the self

My name is Pablo and I am a Spanish linguist with 5+ years' experience. I provide translation, proofreading, editing, content creation and transcription services from English, Italian and German into European Spanish. I am a creative translator specialising in tourism, marketing (SaaS), IT and e-commerce. Find out more about my services and some of my most outstanding projects.

Make yourself at home!


Although I was born in (mostly) sunny Madrid, my professional life has always been inevitably linked to the search for new experiences and places. My passion for languages has led me to live in Northern Ireland and the United States, where I have worked in several positions in education and customer service. My years of living abroad have not only enriched me on a personal level, but have also made me aware of the importance of communication in all areas of our lives.

For this reason, and driven by a restless hunger for languages and cultures, after finishing my MA Degree in Translation at the Queen's University of Belfast, I decided to jump head first into the world of translation and content writing... and the rest is only history. Translation has taken me to inhospitable corners of the world, has broadened my horizons and has made the all-round, grown professional I am today.

But enough with work now! When I'm not struggling with a text, you can find me at the airport on my way to a new destination, and, when I can't afford it, books and music become a perfect ally.  Another passion of mine is jogging, since, well, you know, mens sana in corpore sano.

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