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This is just a glimpse...

... into what I've been up to!

As a specialised translator, I normally work within certain fields. Below you can see some examples of what my tasks usually consist of. 

EN, IT, DE>ES translation, localisation and transcreation

Part of my work consists of providing localisation, transcreation and translation services for prestigious content creation agencies and direct clients.


Part of a translator's bread and butter is versatility. Amongst others, I've worked on blog posts, landing pages, websites, CTAs, slugs, research surveys, UI commands, etc.

As a localisation expert, I make sure my texts meet the right expectations in the target language and culture, that is, European or Castilian Spanish.

As a transcreator, I ensure the target text preserves the intent contained in the source English, German or Italian voice and tone, yet appealing to the receiving audience.

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Green Typewriter

EN, IT, DE>ES proofreading and editing

I provide editing or MTPE services, fixing machine-generated input so that the target text reads like a standalone text instead of like a translation.

I also take on proofreading tasks, ensuring that the translated text meets the client's expectations, while offering a thorough consistency in terms of grammar and terminology (by means of confronting the output against term bases and memories).

My strong and consistent proofreading services have led me to collaborate with organisations such as Queen's University Belfast in the implementation of an anti-smoking prevention model in high schools in Northern Ireland and Colombia.

I have also participated in the creation and revision of style guides aimed at facilitating the drafting and translation of documents by other professionals, both in-house and freelance.

SEO Translation and copywriting

I've engaged in SEO Translation and keyword research, using tools such as Higher Visibility, SEMRush or Google Trends.

Furthermore, I've integrated said keywords in my texts, always abiding by optimal SEO practices (e.g. in order to avoid keyword stuffing, etc.).

Copywriting, departing from a specific briefing and following the brand's tone and style guides in order to create fit-for-purpose texts that resonate with their Spanish audience.

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Herramientas de hardware

The question is HOW?

It couldn't be any other way, and we translators, like any other professionals, have their own tools to help us carry out our tasks much more efficiently and smoothly.

In our case, we resort to the so-called CAT tools (yep, cats are everywhere, and rightly so!). Amongst the ones I use more often are:

- SDL Trados Studio 2021

- Xbench

- Smartling

- Memsource

- Smartcat

- Wordbee

- Lokalise

- Crowdin

Can't see yours in the list? Don't worry, I am sure I have used it as well. Or else, I 'll learn the ropes of it in no time!

Get in touch with me and let's discuss your project!

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